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Chris Brown’s Various Grillz

Chris Brown, the renowned artist, has flaunted an array of grillz that mirror his bold and dynamic style. These decorative dental accessories have ranged from elaborate diamond-studded designs, exuding opulence, to more subtle, sleek pieces that complement his ever-evolving fashion sense. Brown’s grillz, often customized to his preferences, are a testament to his creative expression and penchant for pushing boundaries. Through these metallic adornments, he continues to make a statement, sparking trends and inspiring fans to embrace individuality in the realm of personal adornment. FF


Chris Brown was first seen wearnig this grillz in 2012 just as he released his album Fortune. What Brown was wearing was most likely White Gold,

Our 6 on 6 Custom Grillz come in White Gold or .925 Silver. A 10K White Gold Grillz will cost you US$660, the price for .925 Sterling Silver 6 on 6 Grillz is US$360.00.

You can get a premade 6 on 6 with silver plating cost US$25.00.



The custom version is shown below, and comes in 10K, 14K and 18K Gold. For the 10K Version the price is US$460.00.

You can get a premade 2 x SINGLE CAP AND 6 BOTTOM 10K Gold Plated Grillz for US$25.00. 



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Chamillionaire Grillz

Chamillionaire, the renowned rapper and entrepreneur, made a distinct mark in the world of hip-hop not only for his music but also for his unique style, including his iconic “grillz.” These dental accessories, popular in the early 2000s hip-hop culture, are ornate metal coverings for teeth, often adorned with precious metals and gems.

Chamillionaire’s grillz became emblematic of his flamboyant persona and innovative fashion sense. He fused his Texan roots with urban aesthetics, using grillz as a canvas to express his individuality. Beyond their aesthetic value, these accessories also symbolized a cultural movement that blurred the lines between music, fashion, and identity.


The grillz is specially designed. its seems the grillz is a stamped grillz. For those who want a custom grillz of this sort,the only way is to get a quote from us, which you an do by filing the Contact US Page

However, we do have this grillz as premade type of grillz ready to ship to you. The price is US$25.00.


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A$AP Rocky Grillz


A$AP Rocky, the renowned rapper and fashion icon, has long exhibited a fervent love for grillz, ornamental dental jewelry. These metallic adornments became a signature part of his unique style, symbolizing his blend of hip-hop and high fashion influences. Sporting an array of intricate designs, from gold to diamond-encrusted pieces, Rocky’s grillz convey an unapologetic attitude and a celebration of self-expression. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, they reflect his embrace of cultural fusion and artistic innovation. A$AP Rocky’s affinity for grillz not only enhances his visual identity but also exemplifies his boundary-pushing approach to music and fashion, inspiring countless admirers


Rakim Athelaston Mayers, known professionally as A$AP Rocky (stylized as ASAP Rocky), is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, and actor. He gained prominence in the music industry through his unique style and contributions to the hip-hop genre. A$AP Rocky was born on October 3, 1988, in New York City.

He adopted the moniker “A$AP” (which stands for “Always Strive And Prosper”) as part of the hip-hop collective A$AP Mob, which he co-founded. His music often combines elements of rap, trap, and cloud rap, and he’s known for his intricate lyrics and fashion-forward image.

A$AP Rocky released his debut mixtape “Live.Love.A$AP” in 2011, which gained him attention and led to a major record deal. His debut studio album “Long. Live. A$AP” was released in 2013 and reached the top of the Billboard 200 chart. His subsequent albums, including “At. Long. Last. A$AP” (2015) and “Testing” (2018), also received positive reception.



A$AP Rocky has been seen wearing 4 different type of grillz Below we have listed them in no partiuicular order as to when he first started wearing them.

8 Top 6 Bottom 18K Yellow Gold Grillz

His most famous grills is his 1*K 8 Top 6 Bottom 18K Yellow Gold Grillz. Here is him wearing the grillz.

A$ap Rocky Grillz

We sell a custom version of it, as shown below. Price: US$1680.

We also have a premade version made of 18K Plated Gold. Price: US$ 25.


6 Top 6 Bottom  .925 Sterling Silver Grillz

It is not clear from the photo below if Rocky is wearing a 6 Top and 7 Bottom White Gold / Silver Grillz, but for our purposes we will assume he is wearing a 6 on 6 Grillz.


The custom .925 Sterling Silver version of this grillz is shown below. Price: US$360.

A$AP Rocky Silver or White Gold Grillz

Here is the premade silver plated version of the grillz. Price: US$25.00


8 Top 8 Bottom White Gold Vvs Diamonds Grillz Straight Set

Most likely his most expensive set of grillz.


The custom8 Top 8 Bottom White Gold Vvs Diamonds Grillz Straight Set version of this grillz is shown below. Price: US$.11200 for the 18K White Gold Version 

We don’t have a premade version that has 8 top and  8 bottom, but we do have a zig zag grillz that covers all eight teeth for US$45.

Finally we get to A$AP Rocky’s Grillz custom made grillz that has a flower inside.  For this particular grill we don’t have a price, so if you want something like this please contact us via email.

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Pharrell Williams Rainbow Grillz

Pharrell Williams Rainbow Grillz

As far as we know Pharrell Williams  has bought two sets of grillz over the years.  Both of them were multi-colored grillz.


this is Pharrell’s multi-color rainbow grillz that he first woreLZ about 5 years ago in 2013, that he bought from Roy G. Biv. You can get a premade version of the grillz here..


The most recent set, the Infinity stones from the Marvel movies inspired grillz, cost him US$100,000. He purchased those in 2021.   It took two months to source the gems, and from start to finished the design and manufacturing process took 4 months. 

There were white, yellow diamonds. One of the gems was cut in the form of a rose.  This was cast in 22 Karat Gold  

Unfortunately, we don’t have anything like that in our premade grillz selection, but we can make something like Pharrell’s infinity grillz.




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Lil Yachty’s $35,000 RAINBOW GRILLZ

Lil Yachty's $35,000 RAINBOW GRILLZ

According to the jeweler Icebox Diamonds & Watches Lil Yachty paid US$35,000 for the rainbow grillz that he wore at the Grammy’s in 2018. He want a set of grillz that would match his lively personality, and that is what he got.  Each color is match by a gemstones –  white, blue, yellow diamonds; rubies, emeralds etc. The representative from Icebox flow in hours before the Grammy to hand the rainbow grillz to Lil Yachty.

However, we have a set of rainbow grillz that look similar to the ones that Lil Yachty gas, but without the price tag.




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How to Clean Grillz Easily – Step by Step!

How to Clean Grillz Easily - Step by Step!

  • How To Clean Gold Grillz?

  • What To Clean Your Gold Grillz With?

  • Clean Your Silver Grillz Step By Step

  • How To Clean Diamond Grillz

  • How To Clean Diamond Dust Grillz

  • Mantaining Your Grillz

          1. How To Clean Your Grillz With Mouthwash

          2. Can You Clean Grillz With Toothpaste

          3. How To Clean Grillz After Smoking?

          4. How To Clean Grillz With Baking Soda?

          5. Do You Brush Your Teeth With Grillz?

    How To Clean Gold Grillz?

    Gold is a common metal for fillings and crowns. Gold is very popular for removable new teeth and Grillz. Maintaining your gold teeth is equally as important as maintaining your natural teeth. If you have a permanent gold tooth, filling, or crown, you should clean it the same way you would your normal teeth.

    There are various reasons why you should maintain your Grillz clean, but the major one is to keep them as fresh as possible.

    What To Clean Your Gold Grillz With?

    Following these measures correctly may keep your Grillz in top condition while also not interfering with your general health and dental hygiene.

    In the first step, you’ll remove the Grillz from your mouth (if you have them) and rinse them under warm water at about 90- 100 F / 30- 35 Celcius. Make sure the water pressure isn’t too high; the lower the pressure, the better.

    Next, take a soft-bristled toothbrush and brush out all of the crevices to check for germs or other items.

    If you have a detachable gold tooth or a grill, clean it with a mild detergent and a Glass of warm water daily and polish it with a soft cloth to maintain its brightness. Fill a glass halfway with hydrogen peroxide and let it aside for one minute.

    After that, insert your Grillz into the glass delicately (don’t simply drop it in). Allow it to sit there for 3 to 5 minutes to ensure that all the muck is removed.

    After the 5-minute wait, carefully remove the Grillz from the glass of hydrogen peroxide and rinse with warm water. Feel free to brush the crevices with the soft-bristled toothbrush one more time for reassurance.

    To preserve your personalized gold Grillz in pristine shape, pick a cloth that is gentle on the exterior of your Grillz. If you don’t already have one, get a microfiber cleaning cloth for this stage in the procedure.

    The most essential thing to remember is to never put the Grillz back into your mouth right after cleaning them. Allow the leftover solution to settle in and your Grillz to air dry before using it again.

    Clean Your Silver Grillz Step By Step

    This question doesn’t have a simple answer, it can range from US$10 for a premade single tooth gap made of electro-plated gold to over US$2000 for custom made 18K Open Face Grillz for all your front teeth and US$5000-6000 if the grillz are encrusted with real diamonds.

    Cleaning silver Grillz keeps them gleaming and extends their shelf life. If you’ve been using Grillz for a long time, you could find it simple to clean them after each usage. However, if you are doing it for the first time and don’t know where to begin, it may be a difficult and overwhelming undertaking.

    Silver fronts demand extra attention to maintain their shiny and high bright sheen. Your silver Grillz can rapidly develop stains, tarnish, or scratches, and cleaning them can be difficult due to their delicate nature. This should not be a difficult process if you are committed and willing to learn how to clean silver Grillz.

    Step 1: The grill will be removed from your mouth and rinsed with warm water in the first phase of the technique. Raise it in warm water (90-100 degrees Fahrenheit / 35 degrees Celsius).

    Step 2: You will now wet a soft-bristled toothbrush and use it to gently scrape away any germs or bacteria. This will also remove any germs that may be lying on the interior surface.

    Step 3: In this step, you will remove the grip from the glass and fill it with Hydrogen Peroxide. Now, drop your personalized Grillz into the solution and soak it for at least 3-5 minutes.

    Step 4: Remove your grills from the solution and rinse them under warm water. Scrub gently and thoroughly, wiping away any extra solution. When you’re through, gently pat the gold mouthpiece dry with a nonabrasive tow

    Step 5: You must use the soft-bristled toothbrush to work the cleanser into your skin. It is even better to rub and then polish your mouthpiece with a soft cleaning towel. You must move the clothing in a circular motion.

    Cleaning your silver Grillz shouldn’t be that difficult if you know where to begin. Silver jewelry may be cleaned with salt water, baking soda, toothpaste or silver polish, and warm water. Don’t speed through the cleaning process, especially if you’ll be rubbing the jewelry. Just be kind. It is recommended that you clean your silver Grillz after each use and keep them in a safe location when dry.

    How To Clean Diamond Grillz?

    Begin by gently removing any debris and grime buildup with warm water. After that, soak your Grillz in mouthwash. Allow your grill at least 5-10 minutes to soak. Remove the Grillz from the solution and rinse with warm water before patting dry with a clean, soft towel.

    How To Clean Diamond Dust Grillz?

    You should put your Grillz in a mouthwash container. Brush them carefully inside and out, then rinse with clean water and dry with a tissue. We recommend doing this every day after use to maintain your Grillz clean.

    Mantaining Your Grillz

    There are various things you can do to protect your Grillz and decrease the amount of time spent cleaning them. To begin, remove your Grillz before eating to prevent being exposed to acids that might harm or dull the finish.

    Second, you should avoid smoking if you have gold teeth. Tobacco smoking can cause natural teeth to be yellow, but it can also cause gold teeth to degrade faster.

    Another important component in Grillz protection is proper storage. When not in use, keep your gold teeth or silver Grillz in an airtight case.

    If you store your Grillz in a bag with other jewelry, it may become scratched or destroyed. Use an anti-tarnish strip in the container to keep sterling silver Grillz from deteriorating.

    Grillz, like any fine jewelry piece, requires routine maintenance. Grillz require extra care because they are in your mouth and are frequently visible

    Grillz maintenance is simple. Here are the essential measures for keeping your Grillz looking new.

    Rinse your Grillz after each use, ideally with warm soapy water followed by clear water.

    Use a jewelry towel to polish your Grillz regularly. This will remove the majority of the discoloration and tarnish. The more regularly you clean your Grillz, the faster it will be. Grillz should be washed again in soapy and clear water after using a jewelry towel.

    Use a soft toothbrush and soap to clean the insides of your Grillz on a regular basis.

    You could soak your Grillz in jewelry cleaner regularly, or bring them to your local jeweler for a thorough cleaning and polishing.

    Smoking: Smoking is not permitted at any time, especially when wearing the Grillz. Cigarette tar and other smoking substances can darken the gold over time.

    Eating: We recommend not eating with the Grillz on since they are detachable and bacteria can become caught between the Grillz and the teeth. Eating with them will also be uncomfortable.

    How To Clean Your Grillz With Mouthwash?

    If you want to clean your Grillz quickly, you can use your regular mouthwash. Begin by cleaning your Grillz with warm water and a gentle toothbrush to remove any dirt or germs. Next, immerse your Grillz in a cup of mouthwash for at least 10 minutes.

    Can You Clean Grillz With Toothpaste?

    Grillz may be cleaned with toothpaste as well, but not abrasive toothpaste. Brush them inside and out carefully, then rinse with clean water and wipe dry with a tissue. We recommend doing this every day after use to maintain your Grillz clean.

    How To Clean Grillz After Smoking?

    Remove the Grillz from your mouth.
    Wipe them down with a damp towel to remove any leftover residue.
    Remove them with a toothbrush or toothpick.

    1. Before cleaning, brush away any loose dirt.

    2. Clean the Grillz with mild soap and water.

    3. Thoroughly rinse and fully dry.
    4. To assist prevent oxidation, apply a little coat of oil to the Grillz.

    How To Clean Grillz With Baking Soda

    Baking soda can be used to clean Grillz. To make a paste, combine a tiny quantity of baking soda with water. Scrub the paste onto the Grillz with a toothbrush. Rinse the Grillz and pat them dry with a towel.

    Baking soda is a mild abrasive that can assist in the removal of plaque and germs from the teeth. When taken on regularly it can also help whiten teeth.

    Do You Brush Your Teeth With Grillz?

    Brushing and cleaning should be done with extra care if you wear a Grillz to avoid issues.
    Grillz can also be cleaned using toothpaste, but not abrasive toothpaste. Brush them gently inside and out, then rinse them with clean water and pat them dry with a tissue. To keep your Grillz clean, we recommend doing this every day after usage.

    Going the extra mile to clean your custom Grillz as regularly as possible will undoubtedly help prevent your dental problems. Wearing your custom Grillz for extended periods without washing them creates a breeding environment for germs, which can cause foul breath, tooth decay, and gum discomfort.
    Custom gold Grillz is a high-end item that should be handled with care. We strongly advise you to prioritize cleaning your gold Grillz to maintain your teeth and keep your Grillz looking fly!

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    Kodak Black Reveals His New Permanent Grillz

    Kodak Black Reveals His New Permanent Grillz

    Kodak Black reveals real teeth surgically removing his 24-count gold grillz after the recent birthday.

    He took on social media to confirm his new look now between his twenties – letting some kind of new path prevail. In the video below his fans and spectators can see the complete process of removing teeth. Of course, it gets a lot of attention because fans recognize it for the gold of its month. There have been many other rappers who have dropped their grids like 50 Cent, Fetty Wap, Nelly, T.I., Kid Cudi, Young Thug, and more. Maybe this will be the new trend – The corporate thug.



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    Vampire Fang Grillz: Jewelry for Vampire Diaries Fans?

    Vampire Fang Grillz: Jewelry for Vampire Diaries Fans?

    Vampire Fang Grillz: Jewelry for Vampire Diaries Fans?

    FANG grillz, also known as Vampire fang grillz is Grillz but with fangs, like a vampire. They are available in wide ranges of styles and colors. We also sell the fangs themselves as single fangs for a tooth, which means you only have to buy the grillz for two teeth to look like a vampire instead of a set that covers your entire mouth. We sell a pack of 2 vampire fangs to a single tooth, and they are trendy! Vampire fang grillz are very different from the rest. They are, well, picky and it looks like you’re going to bite someone’s neck for dinner. That does not mean it’s Halloween for you to wear a pair of vampire fangs.


    Grillz with Fangs has become one of the hottest new trends in hip-hop and rap culture with people like Miley Cyrus, Beyonce and Kylie Jenner wearing them.

    The world of celebrities clearly states that grills are here to stay. It is a rap / hip hop culture that has spread to a wider audience and is appreciated by all races, cultures and people. If you want a unique pair of top fangs, a complete set, a fang tooth or a bottom fang to show your blood sucking desires or just being the coolest person at the next Halloween party, we are sure to have fangs for you. Rhino Grillz offers a wide range of fangs, including gold, silver, inlaid with CZ stones or rose gold. Our fang caps and our selection of fang grillz vampires are great. You name the grill, we have them!

    Whatever the occasion, our vampire fangs are a great way to add something more to your fashion style. A pair of simple teeth works perfectly as a subtle fashion statement, while a full set of our grillz fangs is a great show. Trust us, people will watch!